Central Office Corp.



Central Office is a design and branding studio known for removing the noise and adding a purpose, concept, or emotion. The results are well crafted and straightforward design & creative for a wide-ranging but select clientele.
Before opening this studio, Megan Mcginley & Max Erdenberger earned degrees from California Institute of the Arts, and have 20 Years experience working with a number of award winning design companies and advertising agencies. Most recently, with advertising mavericks Wieden + Kennedy, Portland.




The Work  –––––

Strategy, Positioning, Design & Direction, Digital Design, Creative Direction, Tone & Manner, Brand Identity, Signage & Wayfinding, Advertising, Brand Stories, Content, Naming, Production, Editorial Design & Illustration.

Approach  –––––

Central Office collaborates with other specialists like; architects, writers, content producers, and digital media experts, and is equally happy to join or construct a group of nimble experts for specific creative undertakings.